Romek Pawlowicz – Senior Partner & Founder

As senior partner Mr Pawlowicz will be responsible for overall firm strategy and management as well as transaction origination, execution and supervision.

Mr Pawlowicz has over 30 years experience of asset management and the capital markets including the management of funds of funds across all asset classes as well as underlying portfolios of bonds, global equities, derivatives and currency overlays.

Prior to founding Orthogonal Partners LLP in February 2006, Mr Pawlowicz was the investment director for listed and alternative investments with the family office of Lord Sainsbury of Turville from 1999-2005. Mr Pawlowicz was the head of the multi-fund group at Global Asset Management 1990-1992 and a fund manager and founder member of the family office for the Rausing family office 1996-1997. He was a global equity fund manager with Laurentian Life, Credit Suisse Asset Management and a director of Richmond Capital, a hedge fund start up. In addition, from 2002-2005, Mr Pawlowicz was a member of the advisory and research boards at the Centre for Hedge Fund Research at the London Business School.

Mr Pawlowicz has a BSc. Maths and Physics from Bristol University.

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